Dear younger me,

I see you. Tears in your eyes; you glance at the lock and check for the fifth time that it’s really locked. You stare at the reflection in the mirror hoping somehow you could blink it away. Hands trembling you vigorously scrub the drying mud away. Oh darling if only you would see, its only mud…it’s only a mirror; and everybody knows that mirrors never told the truth…

You mutter under your breath, thinking yourself foolish…an idiot, why couldn’t you be like everyone else? The chiming of the school bell is drowned by the noise in your head telling you all the things that you’re not, “That you’re clumsy, you’re ugly  and that you’ll surely never make it.”

Oh my dear, if only you knew who you really were. If only you saw yourself as you truly are. You bring light; you bring joy and you are perfectly, imperfectly wonderful.

You’ve believed far too long that which you should have rejected, and rejected that which you should have believed. Don’t you see it won’t be 2005 forever so my darling keep on keeping on.

It doesn’t matter what they said, it doesn’t matter what you heard, it’s all just clanging noise that will fade away when you, my dear finally wear your crown.

If you could really see how precious you are, you would shatter the house of mirrors you’ve somehow called home.

My darling you are a world changer, you’re a dreamer. Keep dreaming your beautiful dreams because they will come true. I see you in the future and guess what you win, in a glorious victory! So laugh away your fears, your hurts and your disappointments because that’s just part of the plot, and your story finishes well.

I write to you, the one still stuck in the cubicle, scrubbing the mud away. Unable to see your infinite value and worth. All you have to do is open the door and come out. You don’t have to stay stuck in a house of mirrors, because guess what…Mirrors never told the truth.


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