In the crevices of my soul

In the darkness of the night,

In the deepest troughs of my soul,

When my heart is overwhelmed and my ragged breath cries out.

You hear me.

You see me.

When I’m all but a shadow,alone and insignificant.

You look upon me.

You find me.

When my mind holds me prisoner like an unfaithful mistress,

you set me free.

When I can barely see the vision and I feel forsaken you stand with me.

When I look around and all I see is a void,

an emptiness and the silence of night.

You whisper in to the deep crevices of my very soul with a beautiful melody,

painting white the very darkness in my soul.

When I feel all hope is gone and that I am alone, you love me and you are my everything.

You remind me that I have never walked alone.

Oh I see your beautiful footprints.

Forgive me for  my folly and how I am prone to forget that even the hairs on my head you know intimately.

I can never run away from your love,

you’re always near and in the silence, in the darkness I close my eyes as you sing over me,

a love song.

You sing redemption,

you sing freedom and my lips can’t help but smile as you claim me your own.

Right here I know I belong.


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