Hope for Justice

Must we constantly live life as bystanders, applauding those we think are doing a wonderful Job?

This is something I’ve been personally reflecting on particularly when it comes to the injustice in the world.

The poor will always be there, the hurting, the marginalised and those enslaved. Does that mean because of the magnitude of the Job we should leave it to others?

Morden day slavery. ..

I bet various images come to mind because the word slavery is so strongly connoted with the past.

Imagine my surprise and repulsion when I realised that slavery is very much a thing of the present rather than the past as I had idealistically hoped.

Truthfully many of us don’t like to the think about the gruesome or uncomfortable (we’ll happily watch movies though, as long as they don’t mirror real life.)

We don’t like to think of millions of children having their future and hope stolen through this horrific industry; because ultimately it is a profit making industry. Forced labour is estimated to generate over $150 Billion each year. Additionally 21 million people all over the world are victims of forced labour.

I suppose what gets me the most is the fact that I and many around me will happily complain about going to work. The thought of being forced to work for nothing is heartbreaking. To add salt to the injury 4.5million of these dear people are being sexually exploited.

I use the term “dear” because they are precious human beings with infinite worth created with a purpose just like you and I. Yet because of injustice, their days of dreaming and hoping are likely gone. Sitting here with my eyes closed I shudder at what a life without hope is like. A life where the depraved and the greedy have turned off that beautiful light that may have once radiated in these precious people.

Then there’s Ben Cooley, the founder of Hope for Justice. At 25 he looked at the world around him and decided to do something. Alongside others they have rescued hundreds of people including babies. For “Hope for Justice”, Freedom is non –negotiable. They’ve been involved in many high profile trafficking cases. Hundreds of people now have hope. Their children will grow up with hope.

So my reflection for the day is to never stop hoping and to never stop doing what is good. To place others before myself and to pursue what is in my heart with passion and boldness.

Perhaps we can’t all be the founders of Charities but I bet there’s something we can do.

I am not affiliated with hope for justice in any way . The image used is also from hope for justice. If you would like to find out more about the wonderful work they do please visit: http://hopeforjustice.org/

6 thoughts on “Hope for Justice

  1. Here’s a song and video about it – feel free to share: New-Topical-Song ‘Love Takes A Stand Against Slavery & Crime’ by Michel Montecrossa (http://www.MichelMontecrossa.com):

    Michel Montecrossa says about ‘Love Takes A Stand Against Slavery & Crime’:
    “Slavery must end. Slavery is the beginning of the end of humanity. Slavery in our days is a big business with big profits and is developing always more ways of dehumanization with the aim of creating cheap labor force outside of all human rights. I made this song when I came across the CNN Freedom Project.”

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  2. There are so many unsung philanthropists who have donated their fortunes to charity. There are as well so many ministries & ministers so dedicated to help the poor. So many souls intent on making this a better world to live in. So many it baffled my mind for a long time.

    In my bewilderment, I did my best to do my part. I joined the helpers troops for quite a few years, until, my day of reckoning came! Why? Because, my focus was in the world–the material world and its corruption. I wanted to fix the world, but! In my heart there rang a poignant question, Why all the wonderful helpers that I admired had not succeeded in changing me much less in turning this world around?

    The answer was untangled in my mind little by little in the last 12 months or so. It’s all recorded in the posts published since the last 12 months. The summary of those post is in the last posts published.

    It all boils down to one simple act: Let us all remove our eyes from what we see. Let us lift those eyes to the unseen Father/Creator up in the heavens. Let us all then, set out eyes on the Spirit of our Father/Creator right within our hearts. He is not only up in the distant heavens. He is just as close to us as the air that we breath.

    Wow! Did I write that? Wow! What a Mighty Yah we have in our side! Wow! He is now revealing Himself to us all BIG TIME! Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂


    1. Hi Thia, what an interesting insight and I couldn’t agree more. Often the burden is to focus on changing the world out of our own flesh yet you are right, we must look to the one who is able to. Much blessings to you.


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