The tragedy of Ignorance

Today I overheard  a conversation at work that left me completely astounded. After the initial wave of anger had passed, I realised that the lesson to take away from it was to utilise my head phones more often so as to ensure that I am not privy to people’s angering and uninformed opinions.

I jest;  what is not a laughing matter on the other hand is that 13 percent of the world’s population live on what would be equivalent to less than $1 a day or 80 pence in the Uk. In essence this group of people according to statistics are too undernourished to lead a healthy and active life. The thought of  3 million beautiful children dying every year because they are too malnourished should cause most people to take a breath and see our broken world for what it is.

Yet rather than causing a sense of humility, empathy; and sadness, I find that often people find it so easy to detach from the gruesome reality. It’s easier to compartilise life and have a “them” and “us” mindset.

The truth is that it’s easier for some people to consider poor people as their own biggest enemy;a product of the environment. It’s easier to think that if they worked a “little bit harder they could surely get out of what appears to be a never-ending poverty trap. This leads me to the moment i sat astounded as these words echoed in the very quiet office.

“The reason that they’re starving is because half the time they’re butchering themselves so they don’t have time to go farming”

No doubt the person uttering these words may have thought that  they were  giving their own input about the state of the world; we are all entitled after all. Yet the only thing i heard was the sound of a desensitised world.

We’ve somehow become desensitised to suffering and for that we can make no excuses.

May my heart never grow cold to the suffering in the world.

My next posts will hopefully be looking at some of the reasons for poverty.

I hope you’ll keep reading on and that somehow you’ll allow your heart to be ignited for the poor and suffering in the world.


4 thoughts on “The tragedy of Ignorance

  1. Ignorance is not a bliss, but! Ignorance coupled with arrogance is the trade of the present world. It used to anger me. Even so, I am now witnessing a supernatural restoration by the power of love from on high. It never fails. It always avails!

    One by one rich & poor will come out. The poor from their poverty. The ignorant from their ignorance. Thus my anger have ceased. Experiencing & Proclaiming such love is my gifted task. I write & publish. The Father/Creator does the rest. He alone can empower us to receive & give such love. 🙂 Much love, thiaBasilia

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