Refugees, humanity and everything in between

Over the centuries humanity has migrated from one place to another in search of safe havens; In search of Refuge. Whether in times of war and instability; genocide or brutal regimes, not to mention tribal or religious wars. Humanity has somehow always stood on the other side, arms open wide (perhaps not always) but to an extent ready to give rest to the weary who would have would have traversed from distant and foreign lands. The travellers often spoke unfamiliar languages and dialects and no doubt brought foreign customs to new lands. For centuries this has been the cycle of life, the cycle of humanity, until now.

Where we to all sit down and trace our family histories, it would likely take only a few generations to reveal that most of our ancestors for one reason or another were part of this multitude of historical nomads, “foreigners” perhaps in the morden jargon we have become so accostomed to. With their different stories they moved around the continent In search of safe havens, all with different stories to tell, some harrowing, some fascinating.

Back to the present, more and more victims with harrowing tales are still partaking of this cycle of life, very much like our ancestors. So what has happened to humanity that we are no longer our brother’s keepers? Who drew the line in the sand signifying that from now on those who don’t look like us; speak like us; act like us should be left out to the wolves?

I am in no way undermining the sovereignty of nations and the very real need to regulate those who come in and outside of their borders. I am in no way suggesting that the world should be a borderless place and un-governed place where anyone and anything goes.

I am not challenging governments; I am challenging humanity because governments are shaped by humanity. Somehow along the way we forgot that our brothers and sisters are not those who share our DNA, but every human being with blood running through their veins.

My conclusion is lets love without boundaries. Let’s never tire of doing what is right. May we never tire of speaking out for the  vulnerable, the poor and the refugees. In doing so, by our lack of humanity we hurt only ourselves. In the words of CS lewis “I have learned now that while those who speak about one’s miseries usually hurt, those who keep silence hurt more.”

2 thoughts on “Refugees, humanity and everything in between

  1. Thanks for this one. I’m wrestling with my reluctance to let people in need mess up my life, which is what’s going to happen when we help refugees, take in foster kids, etc. But I think someday I’ll realize that things I think will derail my life are probably God’s central purpose for me.

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