Versatile Blogger Award

I woke up to the wonderful news that Rhapsody (rhapsodyboheme), has nominated me for the versatile blogger award. This means such a great deal to me; it’s certainly not something I expected when I started blogging a few months ago. My blogging journey has been very capricious for lack of a better word; I suppose it was always going to be that way since my personality is often the same; (fickle but I prefer the much more dignified word capricious).

I started 3 different blogs with very different subject matters in the period of 6 months -I think it was pretty much one every two months, until I realised that my personality is the very opposite of compartmentalisation. The truth is I wanted to write about everything despite the warnings out there that successful blogs must have one subject matter. So that was the birthing of Copious morsels, 2 months ago, an aggregation of my 3 blogs, bringing me to a total of 4. (Yikes!)

What is the Versatile Blogger Award?

It’s an award that enables bloggers to nominate up and coming blogs they’ve discovered and hopefully drum up some support for them. I think it’s such a great award because something that took me by surprise when I joined word press was how much I loved reading and discovering other people’s blogs. If like me you like discovering new blogs, read on to see a list of my nominees.

This award involves the nominee posting 7 things about themselves (then nominating other blogs that interest them). I would really appreciate it, if you guys checked out these blogs, because they really speak to me- hopefully you too, soon!


My first nomination is rhapsodyboheme, not because she nominated me but because I thoroughly enjoy reading her posts. She posts the most spectacular pictures and her introspective posts truly scratch beyond the surface- which I really love; there’s nothing better than reading about people’s very real and varied experiences and perspectives so please check her out!

Please also check out the blogs below for pretty much the same reason, they are candid portrayals of very different subject matters and my heart nearly skips a beat with excitement each time I get an email notification about a new post.

7 things about me

This is the bit I’m dreading, I guess weirdly for a blogger, I feel uncomfortable when I share about myself, making it hard to strike the balance between posting authentic and real blogs, and feeling like I’m over sharing information no one wants to read.

1) I’m an introvert, It reflects in my blogging, i often have to take time out to recharge which means i have periods when i’m posting and periods when i’m just reading.

2) I am a Christian; it’s not a religious affiliation, or a recruitment club. It doesn’t mean that I think I’m morally better than anyone else – in fact it’s the opposite. It doesn’t mean that I’m a sheep who is unable to think for myself – again it’s the opposite. Its part of me, my life, my thoughts and my actions and it’s something I can’t separate from the essence of who I am. (Now that that’s out of the way, next…)

3) I was born and raised in the beautiful, land locked southern African nation of Zimbabwe, and no we don’t have pet lions like the movies.

4) I spent the latter half of my life in London. In two years time I would have spent exactly the same amount of time in London and Zimbabwe.

5) My 3 short lived blogs were on poverty, my random ramblings and poetry, you can still read the posts as I imported them to my new blog.

6) By day, i work as a data analyst, meaning I crunch numbers for a living; I secretly wish I was a writer instead.

7)I wish I had been born in the 18 hundreds, but for now I’ll settle for just reading about it.

That’s all from me. Thanks again for reading my post and being part of my journey. I look forward to reading yours.

17 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Yay what an amazing post and I am so happy this nomination could make your day a little brighter. Thank you so much for all of your kind words and for nominating me right back, they mean the world to me and I appreciate your consideration.
    I loved learning about you a little more and never felt that you overshared anything. I think it is important to express ourselves and sometimes we just can’t say the most complex and powerful things that make us who we are in just a few words. I’m glad you took the time to detail your answers for all of us and I am glad that you had the opportunity to do so. Have a beautiful day and thank you again for your kindness.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Actually, the one you just followed is wp hosted. And the other one is selfhosted… this is the one! 😄


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