The curse of escapism stings deeper for introverts like myself who find it so easy to stay in our own heads (an often enjoyable and entertaining feat if I may say so). The pull to use our imaginations as a method of escape always seems a much better choice in comparison to facing life and all its messiness. Yet the truth is we all use escapism in different measures regardless of our personality types.

How much easier is it to sit and binge on Netflix or in my case binge read the latest kindle book rather than face the stress of life? When stressed; I’ve often done the most sensible thing which is to of course grab a book at 11pm with the view of reading all night, despite having to go to work the next day. The price is always multiple cups of coffee and problems which would have no doubt remained unchanged.

I’m all for taking a break; a little escapism never hurt; but I suppose to what extent should we indulge? One of my favourite songs this year put it succinctly “Don’t close your eyes because the night is dark; don’t fear the future should it black the sun.”

Escapism can sometimes rob us of the silent moments we all need in life. It can rob us of peace and rest because rather than dealing with our problems we shelve them for another day. Peace and clarity in decision making often go hand in hand with solitude and rest. He leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul.” (David; Psalm 23:1-3)

There’s a time for everything in life, “a time to be silent and a time to speak”, (Ecclesiastes 3:7.) So like adventurous children lets enjoy escapism when the time is right, and let’s keep our eyes wide open when it’s a little bit darker; because when we endure the silence and darkness of the night we won’t miss the rising of the sun as the dawn comes.

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