The flag that cries liberty

Mother Africa chronicles series

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

The sons of the soil wail.
Daughters of my flesh cry out.
The jagging pain in my bosom bears witness to nature,
For it recoils at a mother separated from her babes,
But alas it is so.
I will not speak of how it came to be,
Or how I longed for their return,
For it is already written in the stars.

I will speak of today.
How the fruits of my womb still cry out.
Proudly adorned in blue,white and red, but you do not see them.
No less of patriots than Washington and Bellamy …
What a foolhardy pursuit to raise a hand at your very own ,
Pillaging and striking them down as enemies.

But their pledge of allegiance to this crimson soaked flag echoes through their cries,
Liberty and justice for all.
Will you continue to plunder their dignity in silence,
And nurture the lies your forefathers planted,
And watch their voices grow hoarse
Till their screams have become low shrills.

Even so their song remains loud and bittersweet,
Liberty and justice for all.
Their song is your song,
I speak of the day when your melodious harmonies will arise.
As you sing a song of liberty for all. Celebrating your many differences,
One nation, indivisible.

“He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you But to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God”. Micah 6:8

12 thoughts on “The flag that cries liberty

  1. Justice is love in action. To act justly is to chisel away whatever holds back or disfigures love. Any nation dedicated to justice must be rooted in a predisposition toward loving kindness for one another, but kindness is not complacency. It is respectful, but never acquiescent to what is wrong for the sake of propriety. It is well spoken, but never silent in the face of calamity. The exercise of justice necessitates wisdom, for the just person must be able to discern right from wrong action in chiseling away all the evil in his world. Therefore, a just nation is exercised in wisdom, and it is dedicated to the virtuous habits that lead to greater wisdom. Virtue is a product of education, inquiry, artistic expression and moral disposition. Therefore, a just nation is committed to education and creativity in the arts and the natural sciences, and it is supportive of any and all religious or philosophical systems that provide for a moral perspective on life. A just nation is a nation of citizens committed to doing the common good. Anything short of that is not a just nation, but rather a collection of self-interested and warring factions blinded by their own presumptions. The cry for justice is the first step in relearning how to love one another and in rebinding ourselves to the common good.

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    1. Justice is blind. It fumbles in the dark and awaits the miricle of sight. Words and sounds of Hope and love illuminate the soul. Words give sight to those who can’t see and empowers those who can see to go towards something. Words of hate, decete, rhetoric, ignorance, lies are poison slipping into the mind then the soul, corrupting. Justice is always there and listening. So it’s not so much a nation that should do it act justly. The nation of people needs to stop listening to the evil words spilling out of the Capitol and start listening to the inner voice of truth. And then, justice will see and be seen once again.

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      1. There are poisonous words everywhere, including the Capitol, but not only there. Because of the prevalence of evil people need to learn discernment. Specifically, they need to learn how to discern “the inner voice of truth,” as you very well described it, from the lies or the conceits they may also harbor in their minds and in their hearts. In my mind, greater discernment comes with wisdom and grace. Assuming we can separate out the words of “hate, deceit, rhetoric, and ignorance,” then the good words that remain are like little bits of gold found in the sand. They are most valuable and worthy of our attention and use. They can help to bring us back to the right path, if we have strayed, and to convince others to walk toward the lights of truth and justice. Words are the instruments of justice, just as love is the end of justice.

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