The Piercing Hope in Disillusionment

The root is a disconnection between all that we have been led to believe about our lives and what God says he created us for. Continue reading The Piercing Hope in Disillusionment


Versatile Blogger Award

I woke up to the wonderful news that Rhapsody (rhapsodyboheme), has nominated me for the versatile blogger award. This means such a great deal to me; it’s certainly not something I expected when I started blogging a few months ago. My blogging journey has been very capricious for lack of a better word; I suppose it was always going to be that way since my personality is often the same; (fickle but I prefer the much more dignified word capricious). Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award

A lot like Christmas

As I sat at work during my lunch break it dawned on me that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for most of the Christmas celebrating world. There is no mistaking the glimmering lights radiating from people’s homes nor the unmistakable festive spirit that seems to have overcome a lot of people. Workers have a spring in their step, children are giddy with … Continue reading A lot like Christmas

It’s not all about you…or is it?

Earphones on, eyes droopy I’m barely holding on to the cold metal rails yet even on this dreaded Monday commute, I’ve somehow found a semblance of peace. The next song comes on, just as the train stops to let the next set of depressed commuters on. In my half conscious state I find myself nodding and in complete agreement with Switch foot’s sentiments…”Life is short I want to live it … Continue reading It’s not all about you…or is it?