Tinted Reality

In South Africa the poverty was in the shadows- almost like embarrassing uncle photo shopped out of the Christmas photo.
(Repost, first posted in December 2016) Continue reading Tinted Reality


Why we want more…

To cut the long story short I found that there was much truth in the commonly held sentiment; the grass is rarely ever greener on the other side and in my case after a very promising start and an initial high within weeks of starting my new job that sinking feeling of “I need to get out of here” had returned… Continue reading Why we want more…

To strike fear in the hearts of men

Terrorists seek to strike fear in the hearts of man, and they momentarily succeeded. Yet we all face terrors of different kinds out there, illnesses, wars, death; basically anything that is a threat to our lives and those we love. The truth is terror surrounds us every moment and no one moment defines it. So may we all have grace to stare down fear every moment of our lives until it relents! Continue reading To strike fear in the hearts of men

The tragedy of Ignorance

Today I overheard  a conversation at work that left me completely astounded. After the initial wave of anger had passed, I realised that the lesson to take away from it was to utilise my head phones more often so as to ensure that I am not privy to people’s angering and uninformed opinions. I jest;  what is not a laughing matter on the other hand … Continue reading The tragedy of Ignorance

Hope for Justice

Must we constantly live life as bystanders, applauding those we think are doing a wonderful Job? This is something I’ve been personally reflecting on particularly when it comes to the injustice in the world. The poor will always be there, the hurting, the marginalised and those enslaved. Does that mean because of the magnitude of the Job we should leave it to others? Morden day … Continue reading Hope for Justice